yes.its on the internet once you post something anyone can see it at any cant go away..nothing goes away on the can and will exist on the internet forever.and stalkers can see anything you posted years back with no problem.that is why you have to watch what you post.some acsedent can forever

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2 Responses to “internet safety post #1”
  1. lr3217 says:

    I agree, but not only can they save/see that post forever you also have no idea what they will do with that post.

  2. John says:

    Hey Alex, my name is John and I’m a junior in high school in Iowa. That is very true that once you post something on the Internet that it stays there forever. Even if it is deleted, you can still obtain that post somehow. Really focus on being careful what you post as you grow older. What you post now can effect you in the future.

    Also, that robot you recreated looks very accurate and detailed!

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